When Nitrous Goes Too Far: The Cooked Corvette at the Texas Mile

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Cooked Corvette at Texas Mile (Pre-Cooked)Cooked Corvette at Texas Mile After

Besides his music, Rick James is known for his famous Chappelle’s Show quote, “Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.”

Watch this video of a C6 Corvette burning like a brain in a frying pan, and you’ll see nitrous is a hell of a fuel additive.

But this conflagration resulted in salvation, not demolition. According to Gearhead Flicks, the car is reparable thanks to a quick response from emergency crews; in fact, less than an hour after the incident, Buddy Schulz, the owner, was making plans for the car’s next powerplant.

This C6 may have ended its day at the Texas Mile half-dead with powder caked on its face, but it lives to see another sunrise. Is this a Corvette, or a Hollywood rock star?

via [Gearhead Flicks and Jalopnik]

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