No Cadillac Being Planned From C7 Platform—Yet

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Fans of the new Corvette can put those concerns or hopes to rest – depending on where you sit on the idea – that General Motors might develop a new Cadillac based on the C7 platform.

Despite Cadillac rolling out a hot new concept for a performance coupe at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance called the Elmiraj, GM apparently has no plans of building a new Cadillac based on the 2014 Corvette, according to a Fox News report.

Well, at least for now.

Unlike a former attempt with the Cadillac XLR introduced in 2004, which shared some of the same engineering components as the fifth- generation Corvette before the luxury roadster was axed in 2009,  GM seems intent on keeping the new Corvette’ s bones solely for Corvette.

“This is a Corvette, it’s optimized for the Corvette market,” Chief Engineer, Tadge Jeuchter, is reported as telling the Fox news source.  “There’s no intent to offer any other nameplate, aside from the Corvette.”

Still, with features like a new high-tech active suspension, a gang of luxury amenities and an overall performance package that now rivals most in the segment, most contend that the new Corvette can even hold its own when matched against more premium luxury sports cars.


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