Chevrolet Corvette is Most Popular Collector Car In U.S.

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No matter how Hemmings tried to play with the data, Corvettes rule the U.S.

Hemmings is a valued source of information about antique, classic, and exotic sports cars. Their classifieds section has some of the most unique and cool vehicles around. So, wouldn’t it be cool if they crunched all their data and came up with a list of the most popular collector car listings for each state in the U.S.? Of course! Hemmings decided to do just that, unfortunately there was one big problem — Corvettes.

When Hemmings ran the data, and collected the information, they were left with one takeaway. Corvettes are, by far, the most popular collector car in the country. In fact, it’s not even close! Take a look at the map they created for their listing and it’s clear that Corvettes are the most popular, accounting for all but 10 states. That’s incredible to see, but not that surprising. The Chevy Corvette is an American institution. Growing up, most kids dream of the Corvette. So, as they get older, they want to buy them and collect, if they can.

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Now, Hemmings decided to go a step further. Since it would be boring to just tell readers that Corvettes, and to a much lesser degree Mustangs, are the most popular collector cars, they wanted to remove those cars from the equation. That way, we could see what the next most popular cars would be. That revealed that the Camaro is the next most popular. Then of course, there’s a smattering of a variety of other cars, but nothing really interesting or noteworthy.

Hemmings Stats Map

Corvettes dominate private listings, as well.

Finally, to give a little more spice to the article, and because Chevy was clearly dominating, they decided to eliminate dealers and only show private listings. Guess what? Corvettes dominate, yet again!

The moral of the story is simple. No matter how much Hemmings tried to play with the statistics, the bottom line is Americans love their Corvettes.

Charles Dean is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Rennlist, among other auto sites.

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