Sorry, No, the Corvette Grand Sport Is Not a Poser Z06

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This guy really likened the new Corvette Grand Sport to a V6 Ford Mustang. YouTuber Street Speed 717¬†really did it. After repeatedly saying that when he had owned¬†the base Stingray, he didn’t think it needed more power, in the video below he questions whether or not the Grand Sport is a “fake Z06” and mentions that possible GS owners might get “V6 Mustang syndrome.”


Let’s get one thing clear: whatever car you have — be it a Grand Sport, a V6 Mustang, or a Yugo — if you like it, and it makes you happy, then that is the perfect car. Don’t ever let somebody talking trash affect you; haters will forever hate, and they hate because their own lives are unsatisfactory.

That said, the GS simply offers another option in the Corvette line, and it’s a great addition that makes the line more complete than ever. You guys know that the GS has a bunch of track perks like brakes and extra aero, but without the Supercharger added to it for that extra boost in power. As many people on the forum thread pointed out, not everybody wants that extra power, especially if they’re planning to spend an entire day at the track. It’s a fact that Z06s have trouble with heat, and the GS eliminates that.


Even if you’re not planning to go to the track, some people just love the way the GS looks more than the stock Stingray or the Z06, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The Z06 doesn’t have the double fender stripes, does it? No. It doesn’t. And if we needed any more proof that people simply might not want the Z06, this GM Authority poll proves it. Picking between the three models, it’s almost an exact split between the GS and Z06.

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via [Street Speed 717]

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