Non Run Flat Tire Field Repair Tool Kit

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There are many of us moving away from the Run Flats and picking up tire
repair kits as a bit of insurance against a flat or leaking tire. I have
repaired a tire in the field and found the following the bare minimum to
make it a successful patch and get me on my way.
Think of the worst
situation possible to have a flat and be prepared for it, anything less
will be that much easier.
Here is my recommended list of tools needed
for non Run Flat tires repair work
A Good patch kit, not a cheap
$3.95 kit � Safety Seal and Snap On make good ones.
It should contain
strong tools to clean up the hole, and to push the patch string through.
These are tough tires, and it takes some force to push the patch in deep
enough. Cheap tools will bend or break, really leaving you in a mess. I
prefer the T handle style. I had a cheap screwdriver handle style and the
shaft came through the top of the handle.
A Mini Compressor, with a
light attached � You can never have enough light at night.
Mini-Leatherman for trimming the patch material
Needle Nose pliers and
round nose for an extra measure
A 1/2\” breaker
A 1/2 lug nut socket(19 mm?), make sure your lock socket is also
A flashlight, or headlamp. I prefer the headlamp because it
allows you to have light and your hands.
A blanket to toss on the
A towel for cleanup
Latex gloves – this is pretty dirty
A couple of Handi-Wipes
A Bottle of water
A jack, I picked
one up from the local junk yard for $8. It is a scissors jack that is
self contained, meaning it has the screw handle already attached. There
is also a light weight aluminum jack available for about $50 from
Auto Towing Service of your choice – I use AAA
A cell
phone with that service\’s number programmed in.
Replace your
tire plugs every year on your birthday – they will get pretty nasty over a
year\’s time, especially sitting in a car in the summer heat.
some of this seems a bit excessive, it is better to be over prepared than
to fall short and end up stranded.
My entire kit, with the exception of
the jack fits in a stuff sack. That sits in the left hand side
compartment. If I travel, the whole bag comes with me into the hotel

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