Sorry, Some People Just Aren’t Worthy of Owning a Corvette

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I hate to say it, but some people just don’t deserve to own a Corvette. And I say that with the sincerest belief that one of the great beauties of the iconic Chevrolet sports car has always been that it really is the car for everyone. However, when it comes to someone like Robert Smith, you find yourself quickly rethinking that idea.

The 71-year-old Portland area man recently bought a Corvette and wound up wrecking it the same day in a rollover, drunk-driving accident, according to the Portland Press Herald. Even worse, Smith was already driving with a conditional license because of a prior DUI conviction.

In fact, when Smith was arrested, he was actually restricted from operating a vehicle unless it has a functioning interlock system, which requires a driver to blow into a breathalyzer before starting the vehicle.

Fortunately, Smith only sustained a few minor injuries and it doesn’t seem like anyone else was involved in the accident. But he certainly is a prime example of why I say that everyone doesn’t deserve to own a Corvette, or any other vehicle, for that matter.

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