NoviStretch for Black Friday: The Perfect Holiday Gift

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For those who are terrible at holiday gift-giving, yours truly included, we thought that over the next few days, with Black Friday looming largely, we should introduce you to some items for your upcoming holiday gift-giving needs. Our first item is one that more folks should use. What are we talking about? A car bra.

For many, taking care of your car, and making sure it stays fresh for when you sell it, is a top priority. It will undoubtedly get you a better price. Some products, like NoviStretch Performance Protective Covers, also keep contaminants out of your car’s engine and intake system. That’s not only good for the second buyer, but it’s good for maintenance while you own it as well.

Right now, NoviStretch is offering a 15-percent discount for all Corvette Forum members when you use the code word “SANTA” at checkout. Not a bad deal to keep you and the next buyer happy.

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NoviStretch One Sheet

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