Why Exactly Is this Corvette Worth $250K?

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At first glance at this Corvette listed on eBay, I’m betting most here will be inclined to think, “Why in the world would someone spend $250,000 on that thing?”

But apparently the seller thinks some deep tie to the late General Motors designer Bill Mitchell might persuade a collector to pay a quarter-of-a-million bucks for the car. The trouble is, Mitchell’s tie-in to the 1980 ‘Vette is a little fuzzy, as described in the eBay listing:

Having been entitled “The most beautiful Corvette ever built” was no accident. This is Bill Mitchell’s dream corvette come to life. It is the successor to Bill’s great white Corvette that was in the national corvette museum for 20 years and valued at one million dollars.     

Bill Mitchell was the vice president of design and engineering for General Motors and who was responsible for the design of over 72.5 million automobiles. The mind of Bill Mitchell is where the luscious lines of the Corvette Stingray came into conception. The merging of Bill Mitchell and the creator of both the great white corvette and this 1980 custom Corvette produced two of the most iconic Corvettes in history.   

Yup, even if I had $250,000 to pick up a Corvette collectible, I’d need a little bit more convincing than the pitch above to spend it on this one. What do you all think, is it worth it?

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