Now For Something Completely Different: Jeep SRT8 vs Corvette C6 ZO6

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You probably don’t go imagining a drag race between a Jeep and a Corvette every day, or even on your odd days for that matter. However, in the video below, we’re not dealing with a normal Jeep. This is the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 and it also brings a single turbo to the mix in this Shift Sector Airstrip Attack. Can our hero C6 ZO6 out run this turbo V8 Grand Cherokee?

Fortunately, this isn’t a stock ZO6. This 2006 ZO6 is equipped with an LS7 punched out to 438 cubic inches with an 11.8:1 compression ratio. The heads are West Coast Cylinder Heads LS7 CNC versions. But with no turbo, this might not be an even match.

Or will it? The only modification that Speed Society did to their Jeep is the turbo. The block is stock as is the transmission, which puts out 637-horsepower and 637 lb/ft of torque to all four wheels.

Go ahead and click play to find out who wins this unusual yet enthralling match-up.

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