Where Are they Now? “Ungrateful Girlfriend” with her C7 Corvette

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Ungrateful Girlfriend with C7 Corvette Stingray (2)

RekjavicXXX” updated us today with some photos and words about how his girlfriend is enjoying her new Corvette Stingray. You might remember her, she’s the Internet-famous “Ungrateful Girlfriend”. Here’s the viral video of her being “surprised” by her new C7 Corvette, if you haven’t seen it.


RekjavicXXX says, “She’s absolutely in love with the car and takes ridiculously good care of it. Hell, I’m almost scared to drive it now … LOL.”

Here’s how CorvetteForum members are reacting to the update:

1wicked: “Beautiful home, car and girlfriend, but one thing a man should never ever do (and i’m a chick), is buy your girlfriend a car. Once you’re married, it’s a thoughtful thing to do if your relationship is set up that way; however, I would never let a man buy me a car because I’m insanely independent, and buy my own Vettes/cars. When a man buys a girlfriend a car, it appears that he’s trying […] to buy her love or impress. A man should always make sure a woman is with him for the right reasons, and not due to how much money is spent on her. You’re an extremely kind, thoughtful man and I hope she’s treating you right. She should not have accepted a gift like that — just a humble opinion from a chick. 

Mike O’Daniel: “She’s hot! Now video … can she get out of the car in full ‘Britney Spears’ mode?”

robertbrucef in reaction to Mike O’Daniel: “You are a classless jerk! Were you properly toilet trained?”

Chrjones2: “I’ve been on various car forums for many years, but I’ve never seen anyone so starved for attention/recognition like the [original poster]. Should we be impressed you bought a corvette for your girlfriend?”

gofobroke: “Wonder if it’s wise to post pics of your good-looking life partner on a site like this. She might not be too happy to be the subject of some of the tasteless posts. IJS.”

RekjavicXXX in response to gofobroke: “She’s a good sport about all the commentary. She read down through the thread this morning. Got a few laughs at the expense at some of y’all. 

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