Off-Road-Ready Vette Kart is a Work in Progress

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No matter the size of the project, it’s always more involved than you think.

When you’re watching a build come together online, it’s easy to get caught up in the grandiose plans and major changes that transform a car. However, it’s important to pay equal attention to the small details that make up the big picture.

While they’re not as exciting as the “fun stuff” like high-horsepower engine builds or flashy custom paint jobs, the decidedly unsexy small tasks are arguably more important than the big-ticket items. When you’re working through your own project car in your garage, it’s important to stay motivated and remember to sweat the small stuff.

The gang at B is for Build on YouTube understand this better than anyone. Eric is building a stripped-down C5 Corvette into a Roadkill-inspired ‘Vette Kart, with a twist. He intends to take it off-road. The second video in the series dives right into the seemingly boring details, like relocating the battery and other electrical components to protect them from debris off-road.

C5 Corvette Off-Road Vette Kart Build

Thankfully, Eric and the gang tackle this task in a way that’s exciting and engaging, and the first-person perspective makes you feel like you’re there helping out.


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In a C5, the battery is located in a box in front of the windshield on the passenger side, with the ECU and related components underneath. Now exposed, they’re in danger of taking heavy abuse, so they’ll be moved to the battery’s former location. This means the battery will be moved behind the passenger seat.

Of course, nothing’s ever easy when working on cars. So plenty of other components, like the fuse panel and coolant reservoir have to move, too. Once brackets are made for the re-homed parts, there’s plans for a skid plate, as well. In true project car fashion, the scope of even the smallest project balloons into a multi-day affair .To that end, while this video has no real payoff, but we still found it entertaining. We also wholeheartedly appreciate the accurate depiction of the dreaded “project creep.”

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