Facebook Fridays: One More Thing for C7 Corvette Fans to Ponder

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Corvette Rear Wings

Here we are with yet another big debate for Corvette fans to ponder.

Well, more specifically, this one is aimed at gauging whether fans of the C7 prefer the high-wing spoiler or the Z51-style blade spoiler? Honestly, those of us here in the Corvette Forum offices have been unable to reach a general consensus on the question, which was first poised on Corvette’s official Facebook page.

Although, based on some of the comments from the post, it’s clear that we’re not the only ones a little uncertain of which spoiler looks better…

Robert Tolzien
– “Both are slick. Preference to the wing for a change shockingly. I like it.”

Darío Espinoza – “High wing… looks classy and evil at the same time.”

Ångel Luna – “Z51 style”

Mike Richardson – “Z51 spoiler looks much better”

Dean Schliek – “High wing for sure”

Of course, there are a few comments from people still harping over the fact that the C7 doesn’t have round-taillights. You can’t have a conversation about the C7’s rear end without that coming up, right? But back to the more relevant issue at hand: what’s the general consensus here on which spoiler looks better?

Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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