What’s Chevy up to now with the Corvette?

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2015-chevrolet-corvettez06-026 in text

With a couple of weeks before the New York auto show opens, we’re getting wind that Chevrolet has plans for unveiling a new Corvette at the show.

The carmaker apparently will be making three big debuts in the Big Apple for the April 16th event, with one being a new variant of the Corvette, according to an Autoblog report.

Hey, can you blame them? With all the great buzz the new Corvette has been getting, I’d milk the cow dry, too.  But the big question is, exactly what kind of new variant of the C7 does Chevy have up its sleeve?

Autoblog seems to think it could be a more “hard-core” track-focused Z06X, or a new variant of a model already announced, like the all-black Corvette featured in the new Captain America movie that opened this weekend.

There have also been rumors the new Corvette that will be unveiled in New York could be a convertible version of the new Z06 … a variant of the Corvette which hasn’t been offered since the mid-sixties.

Personally, it’s the idea of whipping around in a topless Z06 that gets me most excited.

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