10 Reasons Why Old Cars Are Better than New Cars

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After watching this, you’ll miss the good old days too.

Thanks to this latest video from CarThrottle, we’ve had a lot of love for our classic Corvettes. From their list of 10 reasons why vintage cars are better than new ones, here’s our top five:

Price: In 1970, you could get a brand new big block Corvette for $5,192 if you picked it up in Detroit. Calculated for inflation, that 454 ‘Vette would be a staggeringly cheap $32,720 in 2017 dollars. Heck, you can barely get a well-optioned Camaro for that these days. A nice Corvette would cost almost double.

Good old peace and quiet: A new Corvette is considerably quieter inside from road noise. But the car itself is actually much noisier. There’s modern satellite navigation, lane departure warnings, door chimes, among other sounds. The new car is far more likely to make a noise at you for doing something wrong. Can’t we just live with our mistakes?

Driver attentiveness: In today’s cars, we’re treated to a veritable suite of driver assists to help the drive without inconveniencing you. In a vintage car, you don’t have any motors, actuators, or radar guidance helping you out. It’s just your brain, your hands on the wheel, and your feet on the pedals getting the job done. In an old Corvette, you’re much more connected to the car and are forced to pay attention. This is a good thing.

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The smell: Today’s cars are so refined that you don’t get the joy of a smelly old car anymore. Take your old Corvette out for a drive and you’ll smell the years piling on. You’ll smell a bit of gasoline, some raucous exhaust, and a bit of that distinctive fiberglass smell. No, just us? Okay then.

The wind wings: Okay, this is basically just a C2 Corvette thing. But don’t you miss the ability to open a wind vent without rolling down the whole window? It was a nice an easy way to get some air pointed right at you without having to worry about buffeting or messing up your passenger’s hairdo.

Bradley Brownell is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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