One Corvette, Two Camaros Log Identical Consecutive 1/4-Mile Passes!

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Get your lottery tickets ready, because this Corvette and Camaro Pro Mod feat is as rare as hen’s teeth.

Outside of bracket racing, consistency is perhaps an underrated component of drag racing. But in reality, having the ability to rip off fast passes each and every time you hit the strip, without breaking anything, is what wins trophies. While we’ve seen some wildly consistent cars in our day, we’ve never seen the amazing consistency on display in this video fromĀ Jmalcom2004. Mainly because it depicts not one car, but one Corvette and two Camaros recording the exact same elapsed times on three consecutive passes!

This is the kind of stuff that makes you want to go play the lottery. The first to do the deed is a shiny new C7 Pro Mod Corvette, which lines up and rips off a 3.85 at 189 miles per hour. Next, a black first-gen Camaro also runs a 3.85, but with a trap speed of 193 mph. Capping off this trifecta is another yellow first-gen Camaro that rips off a 3.85 at 194 mph.

Corvette Pro Mod

In all fairness, an orange C2 Corvette screws things up by running a 3.99 after the C7 gets his turn. But still, this level of consistency is something you just don’t see every day. We’re talking about hundredths of seconds here, after all. The kind of time it takes for your mom to reach you with a wooden spoon when you do something you were told not to do dozens of times before.

Corvette Pro Mod

Sure, you can give credit to the drivers, crews, and even the dudes who prepped the track beforehand. But the truth is, there’s a load of luck involved in this feat as well. It’s something we’ve never seen before, and we’re likely to never see it again!

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