Easter Bunny Flogs Corvette Z06

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Smoke is associated with many religions and rituals, in various ways, all over the world. From the hanging, sulfur-scented haze of an Independence Day fireworks barrage, to the sweet scents of incense burners in an Asian monastery, and even the selection of the new Pope, it is obvious that smoke is important. So in the spirit of honoring the centuries old practice, I would like to present to you an Easter Bunny smoking the tires of a modified C6 Z06 Corvette.

Okay, sure, it is true that there is absolutely zero reason — historically, religiously, or even anecdotally — to do this, but it’s awesome. So who cares.

So without further ado, press play to watch a man in an Easter Bunny costume flog a 600 horsepower Z06 and then do huge drifty burnouts in a mall parking lot. Do it for the kids. Or something.

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