Forum Member Picks Up Brand New Z06

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Damn, some of our forum members are lucky. Yesterday, we showed you a lovely blue Corvette Z06 that had just been delivered to the dealership. Today, that Corvette went to its new home with our forum member WELEPRO.


WELEPRO’s only had the car now for a few miles now, and he’s already given us a first report:

1. The clear wickerbill logo says Z06.

2. Exhaust is noticeably louder than my Stingray. Not over powering, sounds fantastic.

3. When cruising on the highway, it’s well mannered, smooth, and quiet.

4. The ride IS NOT much firmer than my Stingray. I drove it mostly in sport mode, but did use touring for a bit on the highway. Do not be concerned about a stiff ride….

5. It’s badass.


WELEPRO even went for the Competition Seats that look about as racecar as you can get.


He also gave us this sweet morsel of sound when he posted this video of the beast starting up for the first time!

Thank you, WELEPRO, for being awesome.

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