One of Our Members Made Some Smart Choices When Modding His C7 Corvette

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When you hear the term “village idiot,” you probably picture the town buffoon, whose failures and embarrassments are well known throughout a community. One of Corvette Forum‘s members goes by the name village idiot and we know what he does with his C7 Corvette – and how ironic his screen name is.

That’s because he’s a smart and successful guy when it comes to making his Stingray look even better than it already did. He added a few cosmetic bits and pieces to it, which include:

-A fiberglass splitter
-Carbon side skirts
-A black powder coating on his wheels
-Body-color Plasti Dip-ed reflectors, front and back


-A Z06 grille. village idiot calls it “by far the best (and cheapest) upgrade.”

village idiot has done a great job of simultaneously contrasting and coordinating parts with his car. The black wheels look great under the white body while the splitter follows the lines of the front end. The side skirts make his C7 look even more hunkered down to the road.

He’s not done yet, though. Next on the list? Black emblems or maybe none at all. village idiot doesn’t like chrome on his sports cars. Then carbon fiber interior trim. Further down the road, he’ll probably throw on some wider wheels.

We’ve heard of “sleeper” cars, but village idiot has a “sleeper” name. He knows exactly what he’s doing with his Corvette.

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Derek Shiekhi contributes to J-K Forum , Jaguar Forums, and 5 Series, among other auto sites. He's also a member of the Texas Auto Writers Association.

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