One Sweet Hybrid: ’86 Mustang with Corvette Power!

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Corvette-powered-Mustang.jpgThe Chevy vs. Ford debate might be the automotive equivalent of the Hatfield-McCoy feud, but even still, plenty of people manage to keep a foot in each world. At SEMA a few years back, I remember checking out PowerTV’s Heretic Mustang -2006 Mustang body, GM LS7 power – and while I thought this idea was kind of funny, I didn’t think much of it. After all, it was SEMA, and there were a lot of other shiny things competing for my attention, but I was completely blown away by CF Senior Member 6.0L Coupe’s project. He dropped a twin-turbo LSX motor into an ’86 notch-back Mustang, and the work that went in to this project has been simply insane! With 13lbs of boost, he projects power to be in the neighborhood of 1000HP at the wheels, and since his plans don’t call for any crazy modifications, it’s safe to say this baby will leave some scratching their heads. For all the details and tons of drool-worthy pics, check out this wicked Forum thread.

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