OnStar Stops Corvette Thieves Dead in Their Tracks

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I guess a passion for Corvettes can make you do some pretty stupid things, huh?

That certainly would explain why a couple in Albuquerque, New Mexico tried to scam a Chevrolet dealership out of a ‘Vette by using a fraudulent check. Well, that and the fact that the couple aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed.

Either way, we’re sure the entire ordeal has put the unsuspecting car sales associate on future alert. Apparently, the couple, Anthony and Bethany Perno, first lured the salesman into their wicked web under the premise that they were going to pay for the Corvette with a cashier’s check, according to the 4 KOB news report below.

But after going to the bank with the couple, Bethany told the sales associate that the bank’s printer was down and offered him a personal check instead. The couple were long gone before the dealership realized that they’d been issued a bad check. But the dealership quickly sprung into action, and used Onstar to disable the vehicle.

But get this: being the brilliant thieves they are, the couple then emailed the dealership, complaining that the Corvette wouldn’t turn on. But it wasn’t until the Pernos took Reliable Chevrolet up on their offer to have the car towed back to the dealership that the couple realized they’re plan had gone awry.

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Via [4 KOB]

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