OPTIMA Presents How-To Tuesday: Making Your Corvette’s Sound System Thump

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C6 Corvette Convertible Custom Subwoofer

We know having a “bangin'” system isn’t a priority of most Corvette owners, but who doesn’t want their car sounding good both on the outside and inside? Surprisingly there are many options for those of you looking to make a statement on the sound system aspect once you’ve got the engine where you want it, no doubt.

Thankfully, for those of you looking to take on this project, there are ways to do this at home. Corvette Forum writer Brett Foote has outlined the steps involved in going from stock to superior. He has given us a four-step outline to follow that can make even the basic DIY-ers feel positive on this installation.

Here is his article you can look through. I’m a big fan of the first step he outlined in the process. There are many times where we get excited about a project and run off too quickly without proper planning.


We want to see your installation. Have you set up your Corvette with a custom subwoofer or something more? Let us see what you’ve done. Share your best tips and tricks. Who has the next project getting started, and what are you planning on doing? We hope you’ll find this article helpful.

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