OPTIMA Presents 23 More Shots of Delivered Z06 Corvettes

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What a week it’s been with all the news surrounding the new 2015 Corvette Z06. It lost to the Viper TA seven times. Owners are complaining about that conservative ECU. Consequently, people who have never driven Corvettes (let alone the new Z06) are squawking even more about “ECU Gate”. If that weren’t enough, one owner’s new Z06 with only 274 miles broke down right in the middle of the street.

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So is the honeymoon over? No, not at all. In fact, this is the beginning of one of the most beautiful marriages of car and human the world will ever see.

Here’s what’s really happened this week. The best Corvette ever to kiss the planet with its tires is now hitting the pavement with proud new owners behind the wheel. Because it’s the best Corvette yet, expectations are high. Combine that with how much people put the Corvette Z06 on a pedestal, and it becomes a false deity perceived as something that is not allowed to fail.

The reality is, however, that the new Z06 will lose a race, or seven, but it will win hundreds of others. It will have some teething issues, but as we were tipped off earlier today, putting some miles on the clock may transform the ECU from a nun to Pamela Anderson, and because it’s a car with more than 20,000 components that can go wrong, it may break down in the middle of the road, but that’s what roadside assistance is for.

The bottom line is, the Z06 is still the best Corvette ever, and this week’s photos of the week are a celebration of that. Most importantly, the people who have taken delivery of their cars this week are among the happiest souls on Earth right now. The following quote from forum member “Mu$cle” encapsulates that by saying, “The only thing wrong with this car is posted speed limits.”

I realize I’ve titled this post “23 More Shots of Delivered Z06 Corvettes”, but so many good photos have been showing up in the official Z06 picture thread that I wanted to share 12 more. Enjoy.

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