OPTIMA Presents Corvette Forum Member Spotlight: The Ultimate Parking Space

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perfect corvette parking spot 2

As a Corvette owner, you’re well aware of the perils of a public parking lot. You’ve seen it too many times before: you park your prized possession well within the demarcated lines, take a deep breath, and walk into the store, hoping beyond hope that some careless Tercel owner doesn’t pull up dangerously close. Then, after the briefest of stops, you come back to your baby, only to find that someone has dinged her perfect paint. The horror.

While there isn’t an easy cure for careless Tercel owners, there is hope for concerned Corvette owners everywhere: the perfect parking spot. That island of sunshine that no other sharp-doored driver can penetrate. And we’re willing to bet it looks a lot like the spot above, which member Hameister found during one glorious luncheon with his son. A spot so perfect, it has generated three pages of praise, thus far. A spot so special, Hameister wishes he could take it with him upon every journey. A spot so worthy, it will now go down in history as the subject of our first OPTIMA Corvette Forum Member Spotlight.

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