OPTIMA Presents Corvette of Halloween: Dragon Vette

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Dragon Vette OPTIMA

The saga of the Dragon Vette began on March 24, 2010 right here on Corvette Forum thanks to member 1988Bullitt (Aaron). Perhaps Aaron didn’t know it at the time of his original post, but he was at the forefront of an Internet sensation. The Dragon Vette has become a celebration of “this can get no worse”. Whenever someone on an automotive forum posts pictures of a car gone horribly wrong, chances are the Dragon Vette will rear its horrifying head in the thread replies to remind folks that any poorly modified car looks like concours gold next to the Dragon Vette.

OMG Monkey - You're Doing it Wrong Meme

Jalopnik named this car “The World’s Worst Custom Corvette”. That title was bestowed way back in 2010 when this monstrosity first hit the interwebs. Little did Jalopnik know, things were about to get worse. In the course of a year and a half, this Evansville, Indiana-based Corvette would undergo several transformations visually and under the hood. The change was so drastic that it’s hard to imagine this 2006 Corvette was once a glimmering red beauty untouched by wretchedness.

It was reported that a divorce was the impetus behind the spray-paint and stick-on-tackiness rampage. While the defacement of this Corvette was the strategy for a man to avoid losing his car to his ex-wife, humans with functioning eyeballs the world over lost a significant amount of respect for the gift of sight.

But that was four years ago. Time has healed the wounds this car has inflicted upon the eyes. Over the past four years, Dragon Vette has become an icon for what lies at the dregs of physical reality. This mangled sports car should be celebrated for its ability to frighten. That’s why by the power vested in me by the State of California, I hereby declare Dragon Vette the official Corvette of Halloween.

Scare us with your thoughts on the forum. >>

To celebrate the newly crowned Corvette of Halloween, join me in this photo retrospective of its life terrorizing the Internet.

Here is a gallery of scary cars that aren’t Corvettes. Some of these cars are undeniably uglier than the Dragon Vette; however, because the Corvette sits high on the automotive totem pole, and cars like the Chrysler Sebring Convertible don’t, the tackiness downfall for these is much less severe.

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