OPTIMA Presents Corvette of the Week: The 454 Dream

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1973 Chevrolet Corvette 454

Here at Corvette Forum, we often talk about how American Corvettes are. The iconic vehicle is one of America’s most treasured possessions; after all, it’s not just an American sports car … it’s America’s sports car. The Corvette and the overused, but oh-so expressive slang term “‘Merica” go together like kittens and YouTube, the words “free” and “stuff”, and hot sauce and chicken wings. With that, it’s safe to say the Corvette has a minimal risk of having it’s ‘Merica card revoked, but there’s one specific type of Corvette that may be more American than America itself: any Corvette with a 454 sitting beneath the fiberglass.

America is about living large, and if you drive a Corvette with a 454, you’re basically driving an exemplification of what America is all about. Sitting behind the wheel of a 454 C3 and looking over that swoopy 40-mile-long front-end, there is a comforting feeling knowing that the engine purring underneath those 40 miles of fiberglass is as mega as the hood under which it sits.

Corvette Forum member “rippy_73“, a.k.a. Eric Bryant, recently acquired this 1973 C3. Probably the most American of all Corvettes, this is the car he’s been dreaming of for years, and now he’s able to drive it whenever he wants. I’d say Eric is now living the most American of dreams.

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