OPTIMA Presents Corvette of the Week: British ‘Vette

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2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

New Corvette Forum member “hungryhorace“, the lucky man who can call himself the owner of this week’s Corvette of the Week, is a total G. He just picked up this 2006 Z06 so that he could “do some transcontinental trips through Europe”. What an awesome human being, right?

And that’s only the beginning — besides his Corvette, this chap has remarkable taste in cars. He owns an E39 BMW M5; the last great 5 Series generation built before Chris Bangle came in and ruined everything. Hungryhorace also has a classic MINI Cooper; the type built before BMW came in and (according to some, but not me) ruined everything.

The photo you see above was taken while hungryhorace was trying to clean his car, which is immaculate, I might add. I use the word “trying”, though, because while he was working toward his car’s spotless disposition, he was constantly being interrupted by people stopping to chat. He even was on the receiving end of one of the world-famous Dumbest Corvette Questions: “Lovely car. I’ve always loved these. Is that the 3.0 V6?”

It just goes to show, the more exciting the car, the more imbecilic the questions and commentary. Get ready for more of those, hungryhorace.

“Ooh” and “aah” on the forum. >>

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