OPTIMA Presents Corvette of the Week: “Supersonic Blue is the Hue”

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Supersonic Blue is The Hue for the C6 Corvette Grand Sport

Admittedly I found this week’s Supersonic Blue Corvette in a forum thread hailing Crystal Red Metallic. Check out the thread here to see all those beautiful Crystal Red Corvettes. Crystal Red is a stunning color, but Rky Mtn C6‘s (Chris Capshaw’s) 2012 Grand Sport stole the show when it popped up in the conversation. Personally, I think Crystal Red and Supersonic Blue are in a dead tie when it comes to Corvette colors, but thanks to stunning photography, Crystal Red’s thunder was stolen with more rapidity than a mugging in New York.

The color and the photography aren’t the only cool things about this week’s Corvette of the Week. There’s an interesting story behind this car, too. Before this C6 came along, Chris had been riding Harleys for more than 41 years. Chris says his disabled son would always ride on the back seat, but eventually Chris had to give up his Hog habit.

The fun times continued, however, thanks to his 2012 Corvette Grand Sport. While the father-son experience isn’t as open-air as it was on the Harley, the tradition rolls on. Long live the tradition.

Putt over to the forum to discuss this. >>

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