OPTIMA Presents Corvette(s) of the Week: Strange Bedfellows

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C6 and C7 Corvettes Side-by-Side Comparison Home

The C7 Corvette represents a major leap over the C6 in all categories. In terms of design, that leap is best delineated when you compare their rumps. The contrast is striking, isn’t it?


Yellow C7 Corvette Stingray Rear End

The Stingray stands alone with a great deal of contrast thanks to its black-and-yellow color scheme. “Jagamajajaran“, the owner of this C7, heightened his car’s rear-end contrast by tinting the rear bumper reflectors. I believe this should be a mandatory mod for all C7 Corvettes.


Night Race Blue C6 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible (3)

Jagamajajaran, known in the real world as “Jeremy”, posted this photo comparison of his C6 and C7 because he just bought this Grand Sport … brand new. Yes, he bought a C6 after he purchased his C7. While both of his new Corvettes contrast significantly, these strange “garagefellows” will keep each other great company in Jeremy’s Oklahoma garage.

Head to the forum to congratulate Jeremy on his recent Corvette purchases.

C6 and C7 Corvettes Side-by-Side Organic

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