Don’t Go Crazy with Options on Your Corvette Grand Sport

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Corvette Grand Sport is often referred to as the “Goldilocks” in the line-up. Not when options raise the price of a Grand Sport over $90,000.

A lot has been said about the Grand Sport being the best of both Corvette worlds. After all, you get the wide body and handling characteristics of the Z06 with an MSRP far closer to the Stingray. And even though it doesn’t have a supercharged V8, the naturally aspirated 6.2 liter V8 does perfectly fine on its own with 460 horsepower. It really does make the Grand Sport a compelling package to look at. But if you’re planning on purchasing one, you may want to weigh your options against the Corvette Z06 if you start getting trigger happy with trim packages and extras.

Base prices for the Grand Sport start at just over $65,000. Compared to a 1LT Z51, that’s only a few thousand dollars more. Decisions don’t come much easier than that, especially if you leave all the boxes for extra odds and ends un-checked. However, the one shown in this video as tested by RoadShow is replete with lots of carbon fiber, a ton of extra options and the price absolutely soars to $94,000 dollars.

2019 Corvette Grand Sport options

Raising the price by nearly $30,000 takes away a lot of the appeal that the Grand Sport has over the Z06 in the first place. Considering you can get a Z06 3LZ for $88,500, the Grand Sport goes from a great deal to a bit absurd. Granted, you can do the same with Z06 options, too.


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After observing Grand Sport prices, it’s easy to think that the Z51 Stingray would end up being the sweet spot for performance and price. However, coming in at $62,000, it only undercuts a 1LT Grand Sport by barely a few thousand dollars. Much like the suggestion that you could buy a Z06 as opposed to a well-optioned Grand Sport, you could say the same about a well-equipped Z51 versus the base Grand Sport.

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