Badass C4 Corvette Has Us Talking ‘Race Car’ Prices

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Vorshlag Motorsports C4 Corvette

Project C4 Corvette by Texas’
Vorshlag Motorsports is built to full time trials race car specs.

Texas-based Vorshlag Motorsports is best known for high-end suspension components, but the company also has a reputation for prepping race cars. In 2015, Vorshlag decided to do something a little different. We remember this C4 Corvette build from 2015 and got a healthy reminder of its existence when we caught it going up for sale on Bring a trailer.

Vorshlag isn’t typically known for Corvette work, but they wanted a low-cost racer to show in NASA Time Trials, and go up against the usual suspects of Honda S2000s, E36 BMWs and the like.

The Vorshlag C4 has a NASA spec roll cage and is stripped out inside, as you would expect, to house a single Cobra Suzuka GT seat with 6-point harness and a Momo steering wheel to hold onto. The engine is built by HorsePower Research and blueprinted for a power-restricted class. It makes 296 horsepower and 363 lb-ft of torque at the wheels while weighing only 2917 lbs.

The list of modifications through both the powertrain and the chassis are extensive, to say the least. Corvette Forum editor and racer-in-chief, Jake Stumph, took a good look and said, “That’s a $20,000 car, easily, and a detailed and comprehensive build that will be competitive straight away with a decent driver.”

However, as we always say, a car is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. This is a killer deal for someone who wants a ready to race Corvette, but if that buyer doesn’t happen to be around, the sale price will reflect that.

The C4 has been the sometimes maligned and overlooked Corvette, but it seems its starting to attract attention as there are still plenty out there in good shape. They’re light with a great chassis and, with the right modifications in the right places, they can hang with much more expensive and lusted after cars.

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