Our Corvette of the Week Also Offers a C7 Lowering Lesson

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lowered C7 corvette

Usually, the Corvette of the Week is simply an opportunity to show off one (or two) of our member’s beautiful rides. That is certainly the case this week, as you can see from the lovely photos of snaponjackson‘s scintillating C7. But this week’s COTW also comes with the added bonus of a lesson in lowering.

According to snaponjackson’s recent thread, this is precisely “How your C7 should sit!!” Yep, just like this.

But in case you require more than just some handy visual aids, snapon also provides “all you offroaders out there” with a little tutorial:

Lowered on lowering bolts
1 1/2 down in front and
1 1/4 down in rear.

Seems like he’s got it all figured out. It’s definitely hard to argue with the results. And even if you do want to argue — perhaps because you’re a really big fan of fender gap — we’re sorry, but there’s just no changing our decision for this week’s Corvette of the Week. She just sits too pretty not to win.

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