The Outlaw Animal Corvette Z06 Is a 3000HP Monster

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Steve Gorman’s Corvette Z06 rockets down the strip in ways very few drag cars can. Just watch.

It’s easy to say that a 3,000-horsepower Corvette can slay the quarter-mile in ridiculous times. After all, there’s very little a 3,000-horsepower vehicle can’t do in terms of speed. That being said, and if you know the sport, there’s much more to logging an excellent time than raw horsepower.


This video by BigKleib34 brings us Steve Gorman’s Outlaw Animal. Under the hood of this just-built 2016 Corvette Z06 is a 441 cubic inch small-block Chevy with a huge set of turbos, of course. The interview with Gorman reveals a bit more info on this killer Z06, but unfortunately the audio isn’t crisp enough to understand everything he is saying.

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One thing we did understand is a question regarding how much of an actual Corvette Z06 his build has retained. Gorman goes on to explain that the quarter panels are stock, so are the frame rails, and other bits and pieces around the build. Aside from producing 3,000 horsepower, Gorman shares that the key to this car’s success is its light weight.

Turn up the volume and enjoy!

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