Outlaw C7 Corvette Dragster Is the Definition of Badass

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C7 Corvette

One man’s quest to go faster leads him to build a 5,000 hp C7 Corvette designed to dominate the Outlaw ranks.

Ken Quartuccio Jr. is no stranger to the world of drag racing, having wheeled a 1969 Camaro to multiple victories in the Outlaw 632 class. But like most (all?) of us, he wanted to go faster. So it was back to the drawing board to design a new ride capable of dominating the Outlaw 10.5 ranks. And what he came up with is this stunning C7 Corvette dragster built by Skinny Kid Race Cars out of Commerce, Michigan.

As Quartuccio explained to DragZine, the decision to go with a new ‘Vette was a no-brainer. But he wanted it to look more like a Corvette than some weird, deformed, dragster-looking thingy.

C7 Corvette

“I have a close relationship with Skinny Kid’s Keith Engling – he’s the one who built my Camaro. I’ve always been a Chevy man, even when I did Trans Am racing, I was in a Camaro. Keith didn’t want to build another Camaro and I liked the aggressive look of a C7 so we went with that. It was also important to me that the car looked as close to how it came from the factory as possible.”

Quartuccio also eschewed the idea of going with some built Hemi for power. Instead, he opted for a killer Proline Racing Stage 4 481X mill capable of pumping out in excess of 5,000 horsepower. Feeding that all-aluminum beast is a pair of Precision Turbo & Engine 88mm turbos with TiAL wastegates. Like most modern dragsters, this C7 Corvette uses a two-speed transmission for lightning-quick shifts.

C7 Corvette

After some initial testing, Quartuccio quickly discovered that his C7 Corvette was nothing like his old, nitrous Camaro. “I can tell that driving it is totally different than my Camaro. The big difference being my 632 car weighs about the same as my Corvette, but makes half the horsepower. At one second, my Camaro pulls just over 3g’s and at four seconds, it pulls just over 1g. The Corvette at four seconds pulls well over 3g’s.”

Sounds like his dream of going faster is going to come true, after all!

Photo Courtesy: DragZine

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