Packer’s Backup Quarterback Pulls Off Impressive Corvette Move

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Brett Hundley’s trip to Road America takes a spin of a different nature.

Any Green Bay Packers fans here on Corvette Forum?

Well, even if you aren’t, we imagine you’d still have a tough time not cheering this move by Green Bay Packers’ backup quarterback Brett Hundley.

Hundley, who was spending some time with IndyCar at Road America in Wisconsin, pulled off one of the most amazing feats we’ve seen when it comes to anything tied to sports and the Corvette. After only a few attempts, the Packer threw a football some 40 yards through the window of a moving Corvette pace car.

Yep, it’s that kind of awesome. We even had to rewind the above clip a few times just to confirm it’s real.

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Fast forward to the 2:10 mark in the video to see the unbelievable pass, as well as an attempt by IndyCar driver Will Packer, who is clearly out of his league when it comes to the game of football.

Hundley also spent some of the day with IndyCar getting in a few hot laps with none-other-than Mario Andretti. The Packers’ quarterback said that included a whole lot of screaming on his part.

With all that talent around, who would’ve guessed that a quarterback would wind up pulling off one of the most impressive stunts at an IndyCar race track?

Of course, it’ll take a lot more than passing a football through a C7 to unseat six-time Pro-Bowler Aaron Rodgers for the starting QB position with the Packers. But it’s clear that the backup spot is in good hands with Hundley.

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