How to Repaint Your C6 Corvette

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Corvette C6 Paint

Why use masking tape when you can just unbolt all the panels and paint them separately?

Given Corvette’s less-than-common body-on-frame construction, wide-body kits and custom paint jobs should be far more prevalent. Luckily, forum¬†member “v8rx7com” has chronicled his journey into a wider, brighter C6 Corvette convertible, and the transformation is incredible.

As pointed out throughout the thread, the car’s panels can be unbolted, usually in less than an hour. Disassembly of components like doors and such make it far easier to handle individual panels at a given time, but there’s one consequence. Panels could be quite difficult to line up correctly during reinstallation. However, it’s still pretty cool to see a naked Corvette.

Corvette C6 Paint

Members v8rx7com and “Aliquantus” showed off their creations, with v8rx7com’s taking a nice solid blue color and Aliquantus going for a traditional silver. Both cars show that you can actually paint your Corvette right in your own back yard, provided you have the right prep tools. What’s cool is how this compares with the factory paint process that also applies the selected color to the panels before they are attached to the car.

Corvette C6 Paint

Another member, “mcandrew67” also backed up how nice it is to paint a car with the panels off.¬†“This is how my color change was done, too. Everything except the rocker and door jam came off. I painted mine a jet black pearl. I would never recommend color-change painting with panels on,” he said.

Corvette C6 Paint

Perhaps with seeing how easy this kind of project is, we can inspire a few new builds. Who wants to upgrade to a widebody? Take a look at the transformations below.

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