Paint Front and Rear Corvette Letters! It’s EASY!!

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At the Hooters Cruise-In today, I learned the following
SIMPLE way to paint your Front & Rear “Corvette” Lettering:
Mineral Spirits
Lint Free Cloth or Wipes
Enamel Spray
Paint (Pick your Color)
Masking Tape
Clean the
lettering with Mineral Spirits. If you are removing existing lettering,
make sure to get all the glue cleaned up.
Mask off a square area
just outside the lettering. Make sure to protect the area outside of the
square from paint. You should end up with a rectangle area where it says
“Corvette”, and the rest of it should be protected from
Spray the entire rectangle with the Enamel paint, until it
looks nice and smooth.
Let it dry for a couple of
Remove the masking tape, being careful not to mess up the
fresh paint in the recesses of the letters.
Take the lint free
cloth, and put some mineral sprits on it. Start cleaning up the paint that
is outside the letters. Be careful to stay on the top of the surface,
avoiding the recesses of the letters. You will need to keep working with
clean cloth, and fresh mineral spirits as the cloth becomes dirty. The
paint comes off very easily, so don’t worry about it leaving a
That’s it… it’s SIMPLE – and looks like a $100 Air Brush
Job! I would start with the license plate cover, as it is easily removed,
and can be done off of the car. It’s a little scary at first (spraying
paint on your car!!!!), but it really is harmless!
Acrylic Lettering:

Lettering Removed, Surface Prepped:

Masking (Step 1):

Masking (Step 2):

The Scary Part, Spray it on!

Remove the Masking:

Start Cleaning it off!:


It’s a piece of cake!!!! Total time: Approx 25

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