Paris Hilton Strikes a Pose with Her C7

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While I’m no Paris Hilton fan, and I wouldn’t admit to it if I were, I will say this latest photo of the celebrity posing with her pink C7 is at least better than what we saw from Angelyne earlier this month.

Then again, that’s not saying much, based on some of the comments that pink Corvettes get from CF readers.

Here’s that pic of the local L.A. phenomenon Angelyne and her pink C7, in case you need your memory jarred …


The billionaire heiress, who apparently has a penchant for pink cars, took a more modest approach to profiling with her Corvette, which was wrapped by the guys at Metro Wrapz, as highlighted in a Motorward report. Trust me, I’ve seen a few more pics of Ms. Hilton circulating on the Web, and this definitely is one of her more conservative shots.

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Below are a few more photos of Paris Hilton’s Corvette.


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