Patience Could Land You a C7 Corvette Z06 for $23,000

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Considering a C7 Z06, but you just can’t see coughing up $80,000? Well, if you wait it out for 14 years or so, there’s a chance you might be able scoop one up for about $23,000.

That’s according to a site called Auto World News, which suggests that by 2030 depreciation of the 650-horsepower C7 variant will drop the car’s price roughly $60,000 based on the pricing of other Corvette models over the years.

Now, whether someone can actually hold out that long for a Z06 boils down to a matter of patience. Then again, diehard automobile collectors do it all the time.

Either way, we’d certainly advise confirming this math with a few more sources before plotting out your 14-year strategy for finally landing your dream car. But if you’re convinced the C7 Z06 is a classic, then it could be worth the wait.

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Via [Auto World News]

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