Paul McCartney’s C5 Corvette Gets The VIP Treatment at LAX

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[VIDEO] Paul McCartney's C5 Corvette Gets The VIP Treatment at LAX

by Keith Cornett

Paul McCartney is, well, Paul McCartney. And a Corvette is, well, a Corvette.

When you put the two together, you produce unimaginable respect.

For example, TMZ is currently showing a video of Sir Paul in his daily driver around Los Angeles “a blue C5 convertible” as he pulls into a loading zone at LAX to let his girlfriend Nancy Shevell out at the airport.

He even walks Nancy into the airport to security and gives her a parting hug, then walks back to his waiting Corvette where he shakes hands with the security guard for watching over his prized car.

When you’ve changed music history the way Sir Paul has done, we believe he deserves a break like this.

In fact, any billionaire who could drive any car he wants but still has enough respect for Corvettes to use one as a daily driver is one of the coolest billionaires we could ever know.

Baby, you can drive my car anytime, Sir Paul, including my red 1997!

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