Custom Holsters Make for Best Gun Storage in a C6 Corvette

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If you’re a person who wakes up each day¬†and gives thanks for the 2nd amendment, then you’re likely always looking to keep your gun on you. That means you need a place to store it when you’re driving, and one of the negatives of a two-seater coupe like the C6 Corvette is that there aren’t many places to put it. Especially out of view.

Forum member SilverC had this in mind when he posted a recent thread inquiring, “Where is everyone putting their guns in their C6’s? Any cool custom setups out there?”

Most of the posts expressed a similar interest to see if anybody had found any good setups, because it is so difficult to find one. Some keep their guns in their body holsters, but that can be extremely uncomfortable. It’s possible to put some hand guns in the center console, in the glove box, or on the passenger seat, but depending on the gun, that could also be unsafe. Luckily, there are some pretty creative members out there.

Kcust62 built a mount right behind his head, in between the seats and the rear window to mount his rifle. SilverC found a couple examples and posted two types of holsters: a strap that runs underneath the steering wheel and a barrel holster that can be mounted in a variety of places on the plastic interior.

Do you guys have any other special ways to hold your firearm? Let us know.

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