Would You Pick New Corvette Z06 or Mazda Miata for Autocross?

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I think I know what most of you are probably thinking: there’s just no shaking this whole new 2016 Miata thing here, huh?

Apparently not, because as much as I’ve tried to avoid getting sucked into all the madness, the spunky little Mazda just keeps popping up.

In fact, the latest bit I’ve stumbled upon — which again mentions the Miata in the same conversation as a Corvette — left me pondering something I’d never considered: if given the option of taking a Miata or a new Z06 on an autocross, which one would you pick?

Sure, the most obvious answer for most here would probably be the Corvette. But after reading this recent Car and Driver report, I’m inclined to think more than a few Corvette Forum members would opt for the Mazda.

Take for example, the near wheelie that auto writer, Ezra Dyer, found himself lunging into with the Z06 after taking the Corvette over a speed bump on an autocross course that was pulled together for journalist.

“Autocrossing a Z06 is like having a nuclear war in your living room,” wrote Dyer. “The Miata, by comparison, looked like a steeplechase horse bounding gracefully across the course.”

Well, I guess that pretty much sums it up.

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Via [Car and Driver]

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