Pink Ribbon C7 Highlights what Makes Lingenfelter Collection Special

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Lingenfelter pink C7

I’m probably a little biased considering my Detroit roots, but Michigander Ken Lingenfelter is one of my favorite car collectors on the planet.

Not only does he have some of the coolest Corvettes in the world, but also he and his wife, Kristen Lingenfelter, use the cars to connect with people in ways that go far beyond displaying the automobiles at shows.

One of their biggest outreach efforts is their annual Charity Fall Open House for breast cancer awareness at the sprawling warehouse in Brighton, MI where Lingenfelter houses nearly 150 cars in his collection.

This year’s event will be held Oct. 4.

All proceeds from the affair will go to The Pink Fund, which provides active-cancer-treatment patients with up to 90 days of direct financial assistance to cover non-medical expenses like health insurance premiums, housing, transportation and utilities.

That, my friends, is a collection worth celebrating.

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