Pissed On Corvette Pisses Off Corvette Forum

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You know that whole “piss on Chevy” thing? It’s funny, right? Ford truck owners hating on Chevy truck owners. Bumper-stickers showing Calvin peeing on such trucks. Hilarious, right?

Well, it was. But not any more. Somebody just went and took this whole “piss on Chevy” thing too far. They pissed on the wrong Chevy model. And they messed with the wrong forum.

I hate to report this, but over the weekend, one of our beloved (and most active) Corvette Forum members, Zilla, had his beloved Corvette pissed on at the Luke Bryan show in Tacoma, Washington. And we’re not talking about a little backsplash on the tire, we’re talking an obviously purposeful driver’s window and windshield washing.

We know about this crime against all that’s holy because Zilla bravely recounted his tale in the thread titled, “Someone pissed all over the side of the Vette!” (Of course, with over 23,000 posts and counting, there’s probably very little we don’t know about Zilla.) As you can imagine, there are plenty of responses from some pissed off forum members. Here’s but a splattering of some of the best…

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Don’t blame Tacoma. It was probably some guy at the concert from Seattle… ” — Red Racer

Lucky you didn’t show up before he was done or he may have sh*t himself.” — pewter99

“Lots of sick jealous people out there and thus the reason I don’t park mine unattended no matter where I go, especially at a concert. I had a 53 Mercury back in 65 and someone got in thru the side vent window and pissed all over the front seat. love to catch the low life animals.” — billyboy47

Far too many psychos running amok these days for me to ever leave my Corvette parked unattended, anywhere. The downside’s just too high and this report, along with many others over the years, reinforces my POV. Even if one catches the POS in the act, the risk of being charged with capitol murder would be very real for me. YMMV” — Landru

Someone pissed on my rear wheel, driver’s side, a few months back at the gym parking lot. It washes off, but the guy who did it will probably always be a loser, so really its his problem, not mine.” — v26278

There are many jealous idiots out there. Wash it off and be glad they did not ‘key’ it. Wow, what a stream–whoever had not my prostate problems.  ” — Vistoso Vecino

People try that in the south and they end up not feeling too well the next day. Sorry to hear about some douchebags that don’t respect property.” — usdmpwr07

I bet his name is Calvin.” — aks801

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