Polaris ‘Sling-Ray’ is Part Slingshot, Part Corvette ZR1, Fully Awesome

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Sling-Ray SEMA build takes the Corvette kart mantra to the next level.

The Corvette kart trend has really taken off this year, however, at this years’ SEMA show, we found one Corvette kart that was a step beyond most others. This is the Sling-Ray, a Polaris Slingshot that has been through a thorough Corvette-inspired redesign.

Built by Flo air ride suspension and Bullet Concepts, the Sling-Ray uses the basic tub of a Slingshot, which, from there, has a sort of tube frame C7 Corvette ZR1-style body built around it. Of course, it’s much more than that, as the Slingshot is normally a three-wheeled vehicle, and the Sling-Ray clearly isn’t. Bullet Concepts acts as a coach builder here, extending a tube frame chassis off that Slingshot center tub. From there, a double wishbone independent suspension is utilized front and rear, with a cantilever-type rear spring setup. JRI racing shocks control the motion of those springs.

That Bullet Concepts chassis allows for a Chevrolet Performance LS3 V8 crate engine to power the Sling-Ray. Of course, that Chevy crate engine is force-fed air by a large Whipple supercharger. That power is routed through a 4L65E automatic transmission, and sent to both rear wheels.

Parked out front of the South hall entrance, the Slingshot-turned-ZR1 garnered nonstop attention. Between the ZR1 lookalike tube frame bodywork, Polaris Slingshot tub and custom chassis-work, it’s a definite head-turner. We are big fans of the Sling-Ray, especially in profile, as it really does evoke the C7 ZR1 aesthetic. So, Corvette Forum, what do you all think of the Sling-Ray?

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