Police-Badged C6 Corvette Z06 Puts on a Burnout Show

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Police Z06

This is certainly one way of pulling off a few good Corvette burnouts in public without the worry of being hit with a ticket.

The video clip below, originally posted by Gumbal, shows a menacing looking C6 Z06 donned in some Police badging while throwing a little extra power to the car’s rear wheels. I imagine this could be kind of confusing if you were a spectator watching it all go down.

Although, after a few more seconds, you quickly start to get the impression that this Z06 is hardly what you’d call an “official” law enforcement vehicle. That idea seems all but confirmed at around the one-minute mark when the C6 spins into a series of donuts that rival some of those we’ve seen from professional drivers.

Then again, that could be one extremely skilled police officer behind the wheel, which would make this clip a great deterrent for anyone who’d consider trying to outrun these cops.

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Via [Gumbal]

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