Police Search for Thieves Who Stole and Burned Classic Corvette

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Authorities Estimate Total Loss of All Three of Dave Fischbach’s Stolen Vehicles at $315,000

Police in Michigan are still trying to track down the culprits who stole a man’s classic Corvette and set it on fire.

Can you imagine anyone having the audacity to do something that dreadful?

The theft, as we noted previously, actually happened near a hotel where the owner, Dave Fischbach, was staying. He had plans to showcase his 1960 Corvette at the Detroit Autorama show. The custom red Corvette was on a 70-foot trailer, along with a 2000 Jeep Wrangler. It was being pulled by a Ford show truck that Fishbach was using to tow the cars.

But before Fischbach could show the ‘Vette at the show, thieves literally stole everything, according to a Record Eagle report.

The trailer and the Jeep were later recovered in Detroit. But the only thing left from the Corvette were the charred remains you see above. The truck was also destroyed.

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Fischbach even took steps to try to insure the safety of the vehicles, including making sure the parking lot was lit and secured. But it sounds like somebody was sleeping on the job.

Fischbach bought the Corvette (pictured here) about 15 years ago, after the car had been sitting in garage for 35 years. All and all, he had more than 10 years of restoration work invested, which included adding a number of modern features to the car. Authorities put the collective value of everything Fischbach lost at a whopping $315,000.

Fischbach seems certain that his insurance will cover a lot of the loss, but says nothing will ever replace the Corvette.
Even more disheartening, it appears that the entire ordeal has taken away Fischbach’s zeal to find another Corvette to restore.

“I’m kind of in limbo,” he told the Record Eagle. “Hopefully they catch someone or charge somebody with something.”

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