Poll: At What Age are You Too Old for a Corvette?

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1965 C2 Corvette 327-365 Factory Air-Conditioned Coupe (1)

Corvette Forum’s forum section is a never-ending collection of awesome. I mean, I am sure you guys know that. Isn’t that why you keep showing up? One of the funniest things I have seen in a while has come courtesy of the crazy kids who live in the C1 and C2 section. The title of the thread asks a pretty simple question. At what age will you stop driving and sell your mid-year?

Considering how special a lot of these mid-year cars are to a lot of people, there have been some hilarious answers tossed about so far. Still, we decided to be slightly scientific and offer up a poll, not just for the C1 and C2 folks, but for enthusiasts of all Corvette generations. Once the voting is tabulated, we’ll have a good idea of where we all stand.

Some of the answers in the poll are inspired by things I saw in the thread, and a few are of my own creation. I hope you enjoy them.

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (16)

When will you stop driving and sell your Corvette?

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