PolyOne Engineers Carbon Fiber Underbody Brace for Corvette Z06

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Looking for a little more body support for your C7 Z06 to help you hit some faster track times? Well, PolyOne claims that their new carbon fiber underbody brace is the perfect fix.

Now offered as a performance upgrade, the new brace is said to be 17-percent lighter than the stock aluminum part. The PolyOne upgrade also increases flexural stiffness for improved structural integrity and long-term fatigue strength, as highlighted in a Composites Manufacturing report.

PolyOne produced the continuous composite-profile braces using an engineering process known as pultrusion technology, which significantly enhances the strength and durability of a part during development.

Matthew Borowiec, general manager of PolyOne Advanced Composites, said the company has put the brace through some rigorous testing to make sure it lives up to the performance demands for the C7 Z06.

“Our Glasforms team evaluated several composite types and identified a solution with optimal performance,” said Borowiec. “The composite held up well in GM’s extensive vibration, shake and road test regimen.”

Seems like a great mod, right?

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Via [Composites Manufacturing]

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