Post your Lowered Car, Win some Bilstein Shocks

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Want to win some free shocks? I’m certainly I could find a use for free coilovers, even if I didn’t need them.

Bilstein is giving away a coil-over kit to the winner of their “Lower it Right” contest on Facebook. If you have a lowered car, or a car that you would like to be lowered, upload a photo to their facebook account. It’s a part of their “Lower it Right” campaign. They’re trying to educate customers on the value of using “correct suspension” to lower their cars. Bilstein has even enlisted the help of the lovely Jessi Combs. Just because suspension stuff can be boring, doesn’t mean it has to be.

I’m assuming that the lower you go, the better, but they could also be looking for flushness or fitment or, maybe, they’re just looking for the car in the most dire need of a drop. Head to the contest here.


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