Potential Strike at Corvette Plant Could Slow Deliveries

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BGCorvetteAssembly198 in text

It looks like the wait for that new Stingray you ordered could get a little longer if officials at the Corvette plant can’t come to a resolution on some issues.

Members of the UAW Local 2164, which represents the 800 workers who assemble the new Stingray at the Kentucky plant, have voted to authorize a strike over complaints of mistreatment, safety concerns and a few other issues, according to news reports.

Easy now … no need to go crazy just yet over that C7 you ordered. The decision to authorize a strike is only the first in a series of steps before workers at the Bowling Green facility actually walk off the job.

According to an Autoblog report, both regional and national union officials have to approve a strike before it officially goes into effect.

That said, you still might want to hold off on planning that big arrival party for your new Stingray until this thing clears up.

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